Fiberglass Batt Insulation

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What Is Fiberglass Batt Insulation?

Batt Insulation comes packaged in flat sections, and iIt consists of flat pieces of fiberglass wool that have already been sliced. Opting for batt insulation can help insulate your property affordably. Some batt insulation comes with a foil or paper (kraft) front, while others do not. Properly installed batt insulation has been shown in studies to reduce energy consumption by at least 50%.

Fiberglass batt insulation alternatives are frequently chosen for their ease of installation. Rolls are essentially longer versions of batts, which are fiberglass insulation sheets precut into batts. Both are designed to easily fit into gaps between wooden frames, aiding in temperature regulation, soundproofing, and reducing electricity costs. They can be installed in various locations, from floors to attics.

The R-value and thickness at which building insulation made of fiberglass batts is achieved are typically labeled. However, sometimes the insulation is installed in a manner that prevents it from reaching the labeled thickness. Fiberglass batts installed at a thickness less than their full thickness will have a lower material R-value than batts installed at full thickness. Results are presented for measurements conducted in accordance with ASTM C 518 for commercially available fiberglass batts at full thickness and compressed to up to 50% of full thickness.

We choose unfaced batts for their ease of cutting and installation. In most climates, it is necessary to staple 4-mil plastic sheeting over the batts to create a vapor barrier.

Benefits of Batt Insulation:

  • It is the most cost-effective method of insulating your house. The product boasts the lowest fixed price and can be installed more quickly by professionals.

  • Batt insulation can be placed between rafters, joists, blocks, and studs without leaving gaps because it comes in pre-cut panels and rolls.

  • It is highly energy-efficient; when installed properly, it can reduce the energy required to cool and heat a home by 50%.

  • Non-combustible and fire-resistant, Comfort batt will not produce toxic smoke or encourage flame spread, even when directly exposed to fire. Additionally, it offers water and moisture resistance, along with excellent sound absorbency.

Product We Use

Johns Manville residential insulation products aid in maintaining energy efficiency while lowering heating and cooling costs in the home year round. Providing thermal and acoustical control for horizontal and vertical applications, Johns Manville provides a range of thermal resistant R-values.

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