It's Winter Time- Why Is My House So Cold?

As a homeowner, you might notice that your house is freezing when winter comes. No, it is probably not because someone is tampering with the thermostat! It is actually because your house is not insulated properly!

Why Is My Home Cold? Some questions to ask yourself...

  1. Have you changed your appliances to “weatherproof” your home from summer to winter? For example, this includes caulking any areas in your home that are allowing air leakages.

  2. Check your heating & cooling appliances. Are you getting adequate air flow, and are your intakes working? Is your furnace making weird noises? Are there pollutants in the air?

  3. Do you feel drafts from windows, doors, or electrical outlets? Do you feel a gust of wind when you are just sitting in your living room? If so, the cause is your building envelope. Hot air is escaping that you are PAYING for!


Let’s get to the bottom of the problem and fix why your house is so cold in the winter.

Pro Insulation Contracting has more than 10 years of experience fixing problems, such as this one, by simply increasing the insulation levels in attics, crawlspaces, garages, and exterior walls. We know how to remedy problems while saving the average homeowner up to 60% in utility bills!

The straightforward answer as to why your home is cold in the winter is because you are letting an unwanted guest in - wintery winds.

Leaky doors or windows with improper air sealing and weatherproofing techniques are happily allowing the cold air drafts to come into your home.

With windows, if you notice cold air drafts entering your home, plastic wrap them! If you cover your windows, you have already saved up to 30% of heat loss in your home. Aside from covering your windows in plastic wrap, ensure they are sealed, or caulked, properly as well.

FAQ: My entire house is not cold. It’s just ONE ROOM.

If this one room is a new addition to your home, then perhaps it was not insulated properly like the rest of the rooms. Once a contractor comes in to air seal it, and increase the insulation levels, you will notice a significant difference in comfort.

Alternatively, if the room is built on top of your garage, the garage ceiling is not insulated if this one room is cold. In other words, all the cold air entering the garage is simply flowing up into the additional room on top of the garage.

Lastly, another potential reason as to why only one room in your home is cold is because your heating and cooling system might not be extended to this room, especially if the room is a new addition. Simply put, no heated air is being pushed into this room.


Spray foam insulation will greatly help in sealing an effective air barrier to keep the heat inside your home.

Contact us today at 416-315-0471 to speak with a certified, energy consultant on upgrading your insulation levels today!

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