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Drywall Installation

Drywall Installation


Drywall is a construction material used to create walls and ceilings. It's also used to create many design features, including eaves, arches and other architectural specialties. It's quick and easy to install, incredibly durable, and requires only simple repairs when damaged.

Benefits of Drywall

Additional Layer of Protection

  • Drywall provides an extra layer of protection between rooms and from the outside world. Its density makes it a great barrier for sound and the elements. It also gives you the option to add insulation


Added Safety Features

  • Drywall has some helpful built-in health and safety features. It can make a space safer and keep it cleaner. You can even choose boards made with specially enhanced safety benefits.
  • Adding drywall can make your structure less susceptible to fire damage. The gypsum that drywall is made of is naturally fire-resistant and there are boards made with increased fire resistance ratings. Drywall also creates a barrier that can slow the spread of flames from room to room.


Easily Repairable

  • One of the greatest benefits of drywall is that is can be easily repaired. The tools and process to repair it are simple and cost-effective. Even major damage can often be repaired by only impacting the affected area.
  • Inevitably, drywall will suffer normal wear and tear. The occasional dent or scratch will occur or nail holes will need to be filled. Fortunately, these minor drywall blemishes are super easy to fix.


Endless Finishing Options

  • Drywall gives you a seamless, polished look. It creates a finished space that’s ready for decor. Luckily, drywall provides you with the foundation for an endless number of finishing options.


Insulation Properties

  • Drywall helps any room retain its temperature, whether it’s cold air or warm air. Improved insulation will not only make your rooms cozier and more comfortable; it will also lower your energy bill costs all year long


  • We include taping as an option for all drywall projects.
  • The purpose of drywall tape is simple: It helps hold the joint compound in place. Without the tape to support it, the wet joint compound is more likely to sag out of the joints. Essentially, tape doesn’t shrink and helps reinforce the joint.

Drywall Types

Drywall Installation videos