Safe and Sound

Safe and Sound Insulation

stone wool insulation. Also known as mineral wool, stone wool is created by spinning molten rock and minerals with steel slag to create a cotton-candy-like wool product. Pressed into rolls and sheets, stone wool creates an incredibly effective insulation with sound-absorbing and fire-resistant properties. It can stand temperatures up to 2150°F (1177°C) and will not produce toxic smoke or promote flame spreading, even when directly exposed to fire. This adds valuable extra time for people to reach safety and for fire services personnel to arrive.

When exceptional fire resistance and acoustical performance are required, it is extremely helpful. This product is non-combustible, lightweight, and dimensionally stable, making it perfect for friction fit in the wall, ceiling, and floor applications. It also has good acoustical dampening capabilities. The product won’t encourage corrosion because it is chemically inert.


  • Stone wool provides excellent noise reduction and sound absorption to help you create quieter, more productive environments.
  • Water resistant, stone wool does not rot or promote the growth of mildew, fungi or mold.
  • Non-combustible and fire resistant, stone wool works to contain a fire and prevent its spread.
  • Lightweight and easy to install.


  • Cuts easily
  • With a melting point of roughly 1177°C (2150°F), it is incombustible.
  • Very good sound absorption
  • Due to its high melting temperature, and it is fire-resistant.
  • Not rots don’t encourage fungus or mildew growth.
  • Low sorption of moisture
  • Does not absorb moisture to preserve its insulating properties; is water and moisture-resistant.


  • Interior wood or steel partition wall
  • Interior wood frame floor
  • Interior wood frame ceiling
  • I-joist interior partition
  • Party wall