The Importance of Insulation & Energy Efficiency For Homeowners

The Importance of Insulation & Energy Efficiency For Homeowners

Before we dive into insulation advantages and energy efficiency, let's begin with what insulation is, and how it protects your home!


What is insulation?

Acting as a barrier to heat gain and loss, insulation is the most cost-effective way to make your home more energy-efficient. Since heat loss is prevalent in floors, ceilings, walls, attic, and roofs, insulation helps in keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


Insulation also reduces condensation, which, in turn, improves the overall air quality within the home, minimizing dampness and mold. 


Why Is Insulation Important?

The biggest reason as to why homeowners insulate their home is because of the savings. Homeowners can save up to 60% in cooling and heating bills by simply making energy-efficient appliance upgrades and insulating their home.


Most of the energy homeowners use to cool or heat their home leaks out because there is no insulation, or there is an insufficient amount of insulation. 



Here is a list of reasons as to why energy efficiency is important for your home:

1. Protects the Planet, Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

By upgrading certain appliances in your home, or insulating your home, you are single-handedly reducing carbon emissions, which helps in halting global warming. We source eco-friendly, Canadian-made, insulation materials to help make your home greener

2. Improves Health and Quality of Living

We are using less energy when we use energy more efficiently, therefore reducing  air pollution, respiratory problems, or other health problems.


Change your furnace filter if you haven’t in awhile! Little things like this help improve health and indoor air quality. 


3. Saves You MONEY!

Who doesn’t like saving money and seeing lower utility bills?


For example, by installing energy-efficient appliances such as ENERGY STAR, the average homeowner can save $300 a year in utility costs alone! Think about it. These savings can be reinvested into upgrading the insulation in your home.


There are tons of Ontario government rebates available for homeowners who make the choice to have an energy-efficient home. 


Check out what rebates you qualify for by clicking here!


4. Increases Property Value

Studies have shown that the value of energy-efficient houses rises between 10-14%.


Research also shows that potential buyers will renegotiate list prices if the home is found to be inefficient. Why not add some value to your home today?

5. Reduces Heavy Reliance on Inefficient Heating and Cooling Systems

If you have outdated or inefficient heating and cooling systems, this means that they are working harder to produce the desired energy output. What does this mean for you? Higher utility bills.


It’s smarter to upgrade your systems to more energy-efficient ones to cut down those costs. 

Investing in your home pays off short- and long-term. Before you get any insulation work done, make sure you get an energy assessment by a certified energy auditor in which they tell you what areas you should invest in insulating.


By preventing heat from escaping your home in the winter, and the cool air in the winter, your house will be that much more efficient all year round. 


Bring functionality and sustainability to your home today by increasing the insulation levels in your home!


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